The School for Facilitator’s of Change

The First of April 2018 saw the launch of the long awaited School for Facilitator’s of Change.

For 18 years, I have been formulating and testing the Tell Your Story Blueprint. One-to-one, groups and online. Finally, creating a social media campaign and marketing platform using digital skills, I have managed to create a way to bring this incredible creation to the globe.

Enrolment will take place 4 x a year. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The Myths Of Men Manifesto Download

After much excelled learning, I have managed to complete The Myths Manifesto and those who have subscribed, will receive it with a link to Download. All created by myself, with my learnt skills. Thank You to Mya for helping to navigate the process!

‘How To Tip’ would be to follow the steps. Forgot what you know, just take the easier ride of following the dots!

I have yet to find out how many shares we have accumulated in the 48 hours Sharing Of Love ~ All I know is I am looking forward to a rest!

I wonder why I put so much pressure on myself. I have enjoyed every moment, just finishing off what I have started and the next announcements, should be easier.

Thank You to Everyone who shared the Love and continues to do so.

Book & Audio Launch Soon To Follow.

~Weekend Challenges Brings Success & Laughter ~

So I am reflecting upon what is on my mind. They (whoever they are) say’s ‘News comes in 3’s’ – I have most certainly had a testing time this weekend. What I have to acknowledge is the importance of truth. Clearing drama from life is CRUCIAL, if I am to live in the space of harmony and peace. Stress is not a feeling I can tolerate on any level. The realisation that I choose how to integrate stressful situations is the key.

Knowing that Change is constant and doesn’t last forever, is a blessing in disguise. The truth is there in that sentence! My thoughts gravitate towards, ‘In 12 months time, we will look back and laugh at this. Why prolong? To dwell. To feel sad. To feel sorry for self. Throughout the dog escaping (on heat) with a stray companion, the car’s flat battery and my niece’s ‘mistaken identity’ matter and brush with the law. Sunday a slight extension from Saturday ~ all around the time when I have hours to launch the biggest campaign of my life! Still learning and applying my technical skills, I am determined to keep going…that is where success lay. In the keeping taking action ~*~

Applying Skills


I really wanted to reflect upon what I have achieved today. I decided that I needed to create a blog with Word press from scratch.

What I have achieved so far, has been from playing. I have managed to create a menu of the services I provide and included the training package which is teaching me the skills. I am so confident with the teaching, I have played all day.

Totally pleased with what I have achieved. I have attached links, uploaded videos, images and arrange text. I have changed the background and played around with different themes. The beauty about all this, is tomorrow I know I will continue building upon the foundations laid, by going through the step-by-step training videos.

I am so glad that I opted to learn how to keep up with the new digital playground that is now upon us, despite my limited skills. Age and ability really are about mindset.

Co-Creation Opportunities on the Menu tells you more.



~ Welcome To My New Page ~

Pen & Paper Is All I Need To Be Happy!

I love to express in written form.  My dream is to purchase a ink pen of such quality that reminds me of how important it is to reflect in the old traditional way – pen & paper.  I would encourage you to make the time to do the same (if you don’t already).  I wanted to apply the skills I am learning, about creating a social media presence, as I go along.  Hence the reason for this little note.


~ Yours In Empowerment ~